Monday, 7 January 2013


For New Year a few of us went to a Masquerade ball at Proud Cabaret Brighton! :)
My mother really is the best. She arranged the whole trip and she did us 'Proud'!

I already had the perfect dress. My mother (again the wonderful woman) had given me a gorgeous black and white long pleated dress (my mother is the queen of vintage) so I thought id go with the a 'Art Deco'/black and white theme.

I had been watching the film W.E just before Christmas (Id seen this film before but I do love it!) so I was inspired by the 1920/30's style and of course the Marcel wave.

I had only tried the wave a few times before and it hadnt gone too well! So I spent ALOT of time the night before our Brighton trip setting my hair and trying over and over to get the wave right.
Eventually after many attempts (it had to be perfect!) I kind of nailed it so I left it and slept with it in over night and it didnt look too bad. 

Sorry there are no photos of my process but heres what I did:

  • washed hair and barely towel dried
  • parted my hair and covered my hair in setting lotion
  • used a tail comb to create the C waves on the heavier side first (then other side last)
  • I used my fingers to pinch the hair waves in place and used long metal section clips either side of the pinch. (I only had these to use)
  • leave the rest of the hair out and pin curl this
  • use hair net and scarf to protect hair overnight.

Once all dried and ready to style I let the pin curls out and gathered the hair into a side bun. Using ALOT of hairspray this is the finished result :)

Its not very waved but for a first proper attempt im quite chuffed!
 (I shall be continuing to practice this style and will be tracking down some better grips to create a better wave.)

So it was off to the ball for fun and frolics ;)

Proud Cabaret was absolutely delicious! It totally took my breathe away when I entered the venue! It was just like going back in time to a speakeasy during the Prohibition! 
The decoration was so decadent and elegant! The staff were all dressed up too. The girls in corsets and stockings and the boys in shirts and waistcoats! it was just Fab!

There was burlesque entertainment and cabaret singing. 
I got to see the lovely Brusie Violet perform which is great as I had wanted to for a while. The DJ after played some brilliant music which everyone in the club danced to until the early hours.

Having done burlesque myself I was truly inspired and it got my creativity flowing again! It really did make me want to get up and do it again! (we shall see lol)

It really was an amazing evening and I shall be going back again that's for sure!
Proud Cabaret Brighton....THANKYOU :)

Hope your new year was lovely. I am definitively starting my 2013 on a more positive, inspired note!

Happy 2013 xoxo