Sunday, 8 September 2013

Going Vintage crazy!


I have neglected my blog recently im sorry. Good news is ive been really busy lately and its gone a bit Vintage Mad over the last couple of weeks!

We went off to Twinwood in August and albeit it poured it down the first couple of days, it didn't stop us and everyone at the festival from wearing their finest attire and hitting the stalls and watching the bands. It meant we wore vintage dresses with wellies thats all.

I definitely over packed for the few days we were there but I just couldn't bear leaving anything behind!

It was my first time to the festival and I had a fantastic time! The bands and singers were great. There was a brilliant atmosphere, buzzing with a nostalgic feel of almost being back in the 40's or 50's yet because the festival was eclectic you couldnt quite work out what exact era you were transported to. 

"Twinwood Festival is held at the former RAF Twinwood Farm Airfield in Clapham, Bedfordshire, England. On 27 August 1944, Glenn Miller & his AAF band performed an outdoor concert at RAF Twinwood. The stage was a flatbed trailer, and the audience, which consisted of the R.A.F. personnel who worked at RAF Twinwood sat on the grass not far from the Twinwood Control Tower. Later on that year on December 15 1944, Glenn Miller boarded a Norseman aircraft, from RAF Twinwood and he was never seen or heard of again. The disappearance of Glenn Miller from RAF Twinwood Airfield sparked a mystery that has fascinated the world ever since."

There were loads of BEAUTIFUL vintage cars to swoon over so I took this as perfect photo opportunity as I was dressed up.

I went for a very 1940's look on one day and then my fav 1950's look on the hotter day. 

We went up to the control Tower where the Glenn Miller museum was. It was filled with pictures of him and various artists: Its strange that this was the last place he was seen before he died.

Glenn Miller with the Andrew Sisters.

A showcase of Glenn Millers music and uniforms.

When we got chatting to the people who volunteered there they told us a few ghost stories!  Apparently there have been a few ghost sightings and noises in the tower...

When the sun finally made an appearance it was full on shopping spree and afternoon tea for us.

 I bumped into some familiar faces of friends that had stalls so it was lovely to chat to people I knew and was also great making new friends and contacts (network network).

I was really impressed with the amount of shopping on offer...prices were very high so I refused to go crazy. 
But I did come home with some little beauties.

See you next year Twinwood xoxox

Milton Keynes Museum:

So after Twinwood we had another weekend of Vintage madness in the form of a 1940's event.
The Museum is on my doorstep so its great to able to pop to our local museum for this lovely day out.

The Museum is always set up with war time transport, old shop fronts, and old house filled with lovely things and even an air raid bunker so its the perfect setting.

It was also another excuse to purchase more vintage things we dont need!

The old shops were open for the event and we bought sweets and some old fashioned toilet roll from the newsagents. I wish these shops were open all the time.

                                                     Afternoon tea and dance lessons:

In one part of the Museum there were demonstrations and were two lovely older women who were children during the war who were talking about the rations and how to create jam out of carrot. SO interesting!

                                   This is what the ration portions looked like for a week!!! WOW!!